Loretta is a twenty-four year old grad student. Even though writing her dissertation takes up most of her time, she still finds a way to allow herself time to pursue other interests. She is looking for a new hobby to get in to; something that isn’t too daunting or expensive, but will allow her to express herself. Loretta is patient, and doesn’t mind sitting at her desk for long amounts of time (she’s always working on her dissertation, after all). She does not think of herself as artistically inclined, so any craft projects she pursues can’t be too huge. She lives in an apartment with two roommates, so she doesn’t have much space to store large craft supplies or projects. Loretta has two pet hamsters named Spud and Noodle, and they make her laugh and are actually the ones who inspired her to try out a new hobby. The two of them are very adventurous and aren’t afraid to try new things, so Loretta wants to be more like them!