My mother has always been incredibly supportive of my crafting projects, no matter how big or outrageous they may be. I have always been a creative person, especially as a child. Art was my favorite subject in school. From macaroni art and pipe cleaner sculptures, to oil paintings over stretched canvas and mixed media installations; my mother has always been supportive and proud of my creativity. She never hesitates to show off my work where ever she can. Her support has helped me to become more experimental and fearless with my crafting and artwork.

My mother has even helped me sell my crafts to her friend’s kids, which was a huge undertaking for me. I wasn’t sure if my crafting was good enough to warrant people paying for them, but she thought otherwise. The largest order I ever had to fill was for a girl scout troop. They wanted charm bracelets, necklaces, and pins. I remember sitting at my desk slaving over polymer clay blocks, jewelry findings, beads, and elastic cords until I grew calluses on my fingers. I made around twenty of these little creations, and my desk was an absolute mess by the end of it.

Without my mom’s support, I probably never would have had the confidence to sell my crafts or make this blog. I am super thankful to have her.



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