This week I went on an adventure to the greatest place on Earth: my local Michael’s craft store! It is located in a shopping center across the street from the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland. Since this is a crafting blog, I figured I may as well tell you all about the place I get most of my craft supplies from.

There isn’t anything special or different about this particular Michael’s but it is the one I am most familiar with, which makes finding the things I need a lot easier.

No matter what I go in there for, I always head to the scrapbooking/sticker aisle. I’m not a huge scrapbooker, but I love looking at all of the stickers. There’s just something so mesmerizing about all of the colorful, three-dimensional, glittery stickers lining the shelves…

Anyway! I usually end up spending at least ten minutes looking at all of the things I do not intend to buy before I actually start looking for the things I drove to the store for. This time I was searching for some sort of texture paste mediums for adding more dimensional interest to my mixed media pieces. I was also looking for stamps and black and white ink pads. I found all of these things pretty quickly. But then I got distracted again by all of the glitter I found in the stamping aisle, so I spent another twenty minutes just drooling over all of the beauty that was before me.

After wandering around for another few minutes, I finally made my way to the register. I was prepared with three different Michael’s coupons and discounts and only spent around $18 for a jar of texture paste, glitter bead gel, a flat wash paint brush of decent quality, and a palette spatula.

What I love about this particular Michael’s is that they accept military discount, even if you aren’t active duty. I’ve noticed a decline in craft stores that still offer military discount over the past few years. Also, the cashiers at my Michael’s are always really sweet and patient with me! The aisles are in a logical order, so even if I hadn’t been there before, I would still be able to find what I need. The store is rarely ever crowded because the shopping center it’s in isn’t very popular. Other than Michael’s, there is a Petsmart, a Staples, and a mattress store. This makes it an excellent place for someone like me who is easily frightened by crowds!


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