Folk Art has released its much anticipated line of color shifting metallic paints. With duo-chrome, color shifting products becoming a huge trend in the makeup world, it’s easy to see why Folk Art chose to make a product that claims to “create luster with colors that shift in changing light!” according to Plaid’s website (also where I found the above image). I love a good color shifting metallic, so I was excited to read some reviews online. A 2 oz. bottle retails for $4.99.

Jessica over at reviewed some of the colors that the Color Shift line offers and used them to create metallic color block coasters. Here’s the link to her review, complete with a YouTube video of the application. Her findings were as follows:

  1. The Color Shift paints go on sheer. Multiple coats are needed to achieve and opaque finish.
  2. The brush you use matters. The paints show brush strokes very easily, and it is best to apply the paint with a larger brush that has softer bristles than a traditional crafting flat brush.
  3. Pay attention to the drying time. Most acrylic paints dry in a matter of minutes, which makes layering multiple coats and going back for touch-ups easy. However, the instructions on the bottles of the Color Shift paints states that you should wait at least two hours (!!) for the paint to completely dry before layering on another coat, otherwise the second coat will strip and pick up the first coat and create a “muddled” look, as Jessica states.

So, there’s a bit of a learning curve with this product, which may or may not impact your buying decision.

Now, Jenny over at didn’t seem to have the same issues as Jessica when she tried the Color Shift paints. Overall, Jenny’s review gushed over the “rich, shimmery, iridescence” the paints gave her paper mixed media projects.

After reading these reviews and doing some research, I think I will save my money and forgo Folk Art’s Color Shift paints. The shifting of the colors just isn’t amazing enough to catch my attention.  Now, give me a nice holographic paint, and I will be the first in line to buy it!


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